New-Mac U. returns in March

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Just think, if you've been attending New-Mac University courses since the program began, you'd be a college senior this year.

In 2019, New-Mac University will be in its fourth year. Classes resume March 12 and 14 when students can take in the topics: "How Power Gets to Your Home" and "Transformers: More than Meets the Eye."

New-Mac University is an ongoing free seminar series offered by the co-op.

Each course of New-Mac University is independent of previous sessions.

Participants may choose to attend whichever classes suit their interests and will not be behind if they missed other offerings.

"How Power Gets to Your Home" will take you on the journey that starts at a power plant and concludes at your appliances. It will give listeners a heightened understanding of what has to happen when you flip a switch and lights come on in a room.

Next, a closer look will be taken at a specific component of New-Mac Electric's distribution system, when we discuss how transformers take high voltage and covert it to standard household voltage. This particular class will be a sample of future courses that will detail the intricacy of the co-op's electrical system. It will also give attendees insight into the many repair possibilities linemen could be contending with in the midst of the power restoration process.

These topics will be featured March 12 at New-Mac's Anderson office. Then the same seminar will be offered at the co-op's Neosho headquarters on March 14. Classes will begin at 6 p.m. at both locations.

While New-Mac University courses are always free, the co-op does ask that members RSVP so that proper accommodations can be made. The class should take around 90 minutes. Refreshments will be made available.

If you would like to attend New-Mac University, please RSVP by completing the form below. Make sure to sign up ASAP, as each session will be closed once it reaches capacity.

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