Surge Protection

Lightning is powerful and unpredictable. Depending on how close ligMeter Can Warrantyhtning strikes, damage is unavoidable. However, there are precautions you can take that might allow your appliances and electronics to weather the storms.

As a service to our members, New-Mac Electric offers a variety of surge protection options. Remember, lightning is uncontrollable, but you can lessen your risk by selecting specific means of protection for the appliances/electronics of your choice.

A popular starting point for New-Mac members has been a protector that is installed at your meter, known as a meter can (or surge diverter). This device is designed to protect larger appliances within the home. Specifically, its warranty covers these seven items: refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher, freezer, and furnace (if located inside the home). It does not cover outdoor fixtures, such as heat-and-air units. The meter can is available to New-Mac members for a $25 installation charge followed by a lease of $5 per month.

All other appliances/electronics need protected by a plug-in or hard-wire surge protector.

New-Mac offers several plug-in surge-suppression strips that are available at both of the co-op’s offices. These strips are highly recommended for phones, computers or home-entertainment electronics (TVs, satellite receivers, etc.), which are vulnerable to surges coming through phone lines or coaxial connections. Such electronics can only be protected if phone lines/coaxial cables are connected to the appropriate surge protector.

Surge Supression StripRemember, surge protection can only work if it exists along the path voltage takes, which is why outdoor equipment is challenging to protect because often damage is incurred due to lightning strikes to the ground. Wells are particularly vulnerable due to the steel casing running through the ground. New-Mac does have surge protectors available for wells and other outdoor applications, which require hard-wire installation by a professional.

If any of New-Mac’s current line of surge protectors incur a surge, that protector needs to be replaced. All of the plug-in or hard-wire protectors have indicator lights. If that light goes out, the protector can be brought to either New-Mac office for a replacement.

Meter cans (surge diverters) have two green LED indicator lights on the right-hand side of the unit that NEED TO BE CHECKED after storms have passed. If those lights are no longer illuminated, call the New-Mac office and we will come and install a new unit at no additional charge.

For more information or advice on choosing the right protection, visit with or call Zane in our Member Services Department at 417-451-1515 or 800-322-3849.



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