Third-party online payment service has NO affiliation with co-op

In this day and age, many people like to pay their bills online, and New-Mac Electric Cooperative has been responsive to those seeking such means of payment. Not only can members go to the co-op’s website,, to pay bills, they can also download the SmartHub app for their mobile device, which allows members to pay online. When members pay their bills in either of these two ways, their payment goes directly to New-Mac.

Not all utilities offer online bill payment, and that has led to the emergence of third-party payment services. One such online company is doxo.

If you use an online search engine to find New-Mac Electric’s online billing services, doxo may come up in the results. However, doxo has no affiliation with New-Mac Electric whatsoever.

Since doxo is a third-party service, it may charge you additional fees. Also, if you use doxo, it is at your own risk. You are trusting doxo to deliver payment to New-Mac on a timely basis. New-Mac cannot control when this website will make payments, possibly resulting in late payments.

If you want to make sure you are directly paying New-Mac Electric, visit or use the SmartHub app from your mobile device.