COVID-19 Pandemic Update

At New-Mac Electric, we are always committed to those we serve because you are the cooperative. Especially during a time like this, as we are enduring this COVID-19 pandemic together, we want you to be aware of our commitment to you, our members, and the employees who make up our co-op.

Rest assured, we will maintain reliable electric service to our members, and we will take appropriate measures to safeguard the health and well-being of the general public and our employees.

Through this pandemic, you can count on:


We are committed to continuity of service: No negative impacts to delivery of electricity have occurred or are expected due to this pandemic. Our combined efforts, along with power suppliers AECI (Springfield, Mo.) and KAMO Power (Vinita, Okla.), will ensure the reliable delivery of electricity that our members expect.

We are prepared and ready in the event of outages: Through this pandemic, we followed the guidance of our Emergency Restoration and Pandemic Response Plans, which have kept us prepared in the event we incur outages. We are ready to roll.

Through mutual aid established with statewide cooperatives, we have multiple layers of redundancy to ensure we keep your power flowing.


Because social distancing matters: Our office lobbies are open by appointment only for establishing a new electric service or transfer of service. Call 417-451-1515 to set up an appointment. We are also happy to assist you at both drive-thru windows during business hours. We also have after-hours dropboxes at both locations. Additionally, you can make payments anytime through the SmartHub mobile app, at, or by calling 855-874-5348.

In order to serve you: We have taken proactive measures to safeguard our employees. From the outset of COVID-19 concerns, we implemented stringent health guidelines for employees and took extensive measures to maintain clean and disinfected workplaces. Social distancing is a priority. A significant portion of our office personnel and line crews are working remotely or from home, while those remaining in our offices are kept separate to minimize any potential spread of sickness.


Don’t forget our online and mobile options. Remember, not only can you pay your bill online, you can also look at usage trends, compare bills from various billing periods, set up reminder texts or emails, and much more. If you need help setting up this service, please give us a call at 417-451-1515.

Pay-by-phone is simple and convenient: Our automated pay-by-phone service makes it easy to pay your New-Mac bill by calling 855-874-5348. The first time you call, make sure you have your account number ready for the initial setup. If you have any issues, please call us at 417-451-1515.

Be wary of scams: Sadly, there are always those looking to take advantage of others even in times of crisis. If you are ever suspicious of a caller pretending to be your co-op, hang up immediately and give us a call at 417-451-1515. Do not give out credit card or banking information over the phone or through email.


We will continue to keep you updated of additional measures we are taking through this pandemic. We are here for you, so please give us a call at 417-451-1515 if we can be of assistance.