New-Mac U. returns in August

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Class will be back in session for New-Mac University in mid-August.

The topics for the upcoming class will be "Right-of-Way Maintenance" and "Summer Electric Gadgets." This free class will be offered Aug. 13 at New-Mac's Anderson office, then again Aug. 15 at the co-op's Neosho headquarters. It will start at 6 p.m. at both locations.

Students will learn the importance of maintaining clear right-of-ways, and they'll see first hand some of the equipment used by the co-op to make that possible.

Also, back by popular demand, a variety of electric gadgets that could be put to use this summer will be exhibited.

New-Mac University is an ongoing free seminar series offered by the co-op. Each course of New-Mac University is independent of previous sessions. Participants may choose to attend whichever classes suit their interests and will not be behind if they missed other offerings.

While New-Mac University courses are always free, the co-op does ask that members RSVP so that proper accommodations can be made. The class should take around 90 minutes. Refreshments will be made available.

Members may RSVP in the following ways:

By filling out the form below and sending it in with your bill payment Or, by calling our office at 417-451-1515 or 800-322-3849 Or, by visiting and completing a simple online registration form.

If you would like to attend New-Mac University, please RSVP by completing the form below. Make sure to sign up ASAP, as each session will be closed once it reaches capacity.

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