Peak Alerts

Peak Alert graphicNEW-MAC PEAK ALERT


Due to extreme heat and high energy use New-Mac Electric Cooperative, has issued an Energy Emergency Alert also known as a peak alert. To prevent further escalation, please conserve energy today by raising your thermostat a few degrees and turn off any non-essential electric devices. Once again New-Mac Electric has issued a peak alert between the hours of 2-8pm today. By taking small steps to save energy together, we all can make a big difference. Elderly customers and homes with small children should disregard these instructions.


Keeping costs down is always a top priority for us at New-Mac Electric. When the temperatures get extreme in the summertime, Peak Alerts are an important tool for us in managing power costs for the cooperative. A Peak Alert is simply a request to our members to try and help us conserve energy during a set period- usually in the late afternoon.

Even though these announcements occur during the hottest days of summer, it does not mean there is a shortage of power. However, with your help, New-Mac can possibly avoid significant costs that could contribute to rate increases for the membership. By curtailing usage on the days in which electrical demand will be at its highest point, New-Mac is able to avoid extreme peaks which bring about higher costs for power.

Members can assist New-Mac during a Peak Alert by not running more than one major appliance at a time and turning off unnecessary lights, televisions and small appliances. Raising the thermostat a few degrees can also help significantly by reducing the energy use of air-conditioners. Homes with elderly or small children should not adjust their thermostats.

Members will be notified of Peak Alerts through local radio and television stations, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages - so please follow New-Mac through these social media sites.

Remember, the next time you hear that New-Mac is issuing a Peak Alert, to see what you can do to conserve electricity around your home and help keep costs down for everyone.