School Safety Program

Youth Safety Presentation

Each school year, you can count on New-Mac Electric to do our part to keep kids safe around electricity.

At the start of the school year, New-Mac informs the principals of the 20 elementary schools inside of the co-op’s service area about our safety presentation. Then, once we’re invited, we visit the schools and teach kids the importance of respecting electricity with our Power Town demonstration.

Power Town is a scaled-down model of an electrical system, complete with poles, transformers, buildings, a bulldozer and critters. The stars of the show are two characters fashioned out of neon light bulbs, known as Neon Leon and Lightning Liz.

Students are educated about numerous situations where they need to be careful to avoid encounters with electricity, and lessons are learned through the misadventures of Leon and Liz.

Although our program is designed for third and fourth graders, it can be customized for any age group. If you have school-aged kids in your family, ask them if they’ve seen New-Mac’s safety program. If not, call their school and encourage them to invite New-Mac. We’d love to come and share our message about electrical safety.

Neon Leon & Lightning Liz
Neon Leon and Lightning Liz

Each year, we teach hundreds of kids, but it’s not just at schools. From 4-H clubs to scout troops, New-Mac is willing to present to any civic group that calls.

If you are interested in scheduling New-Mac for a safety presentation, call Zane in our member services department at 451-1515 or 800-322-3849.

Remember, we at New-Mac put safety first, so if we can be of assistance, don’t hesitate to give us a call.







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