New-Mac Electric is pleased to continue its energy-efficiency rebate program in 2019.

The co-op continues to offer rebates for all the same appliances, plus two new rebates in 2019.

Co-op members may now receive half the cost of an ENERGY STAR rated programmable thermostat, up to $50, in the form of a bill credit. Also, while New-Mac was already offering a $50 rebate on heat pump water heaters, members now may obtain a larger rebate still. Now members may receive a bill credit for up to half the cost of a heat pump water heater up to $500.

Pay by Phone

Pay By Phone at 855-874-5348 (Toll Free)
Call anytime to make an automated payment AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

In order to make a payment by phone – at no additional charge:

  1. Call toll free 855-874-5348

Surge Protection

Refrigerators, dishwashers and clothes washers are expensive. Naturally, when a person purchases such an appliance, they hope that it will last for a while before it has to be replaced. An occurrence that can dash that hope is an electrical surge brought about by a thunderstorm.