84th Annual Meeting

Co-op welcomes members to their Annual Meeting held at Crowder College in Neosho

New-Mac Electric Cooperative held its Annual Meeting on Oct. 28 at Crowder College’s Neosho campus. The 2023 Annual Meeting included hearing the state of the cooperative from General Manager/CEO Stan Irsik. 
Irsik started the Management report by taking a look back at 1939 when New-Mac was established and how different life was before we all had electric service to our homes. He stated “Just think how much more difficult life would be without a washer and dryer or a refrigerator. No doubt about it, having electricity is essential to our way of life and to our quality of life.” 

Irsik went on to explain that the industry is facing unprecedented challenges to provide reliable yet affordable electricity, but addressing the challenges together as a cooperative is critical. Mr. Irsik then said, “We take the trust you have placed in us seriously and personally. Working together, cooperatively, is exactly how we will get through.”