Where Is The Light?

If evening seems to be setting in before you've done all your chores, or perhaps you’d just like the security of some additional lighting, then New-Mac Electric may have the solution for you.

Security lights, also called dusk-to-dawn lights, are available from New-Mac for a monthly fee.

New-Mac will install a 100-watt, high-pressure sodium light on an existing meter or transformer pole. The co-op will then maintain and supply the electricity to the light (it does not go through your meter) for a $11 monthly rental fee. If the light ever stops working, New-Mac will repair  or replace the light at no additional charge.

Higher wattage lights or installations requiring the setting of new materials may also be available for additional fees.

Also, if a light owned by a customer is in need of repair, New-Mac is willing to make those repairs for the cost of parts (if the co-op has the necessary parts). These repairs will take place as work orders permit when a truck is in your area.

If you are interested in a security light at your location, contact our billing department at 417-451-1515 or 800-322-3849.