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Where to Pay Your Bills

New-Mac Electric’s main office is located at 12105 East Highway 86 in Neosho, Missouri. The office hours are from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

New-Mac Electric’s Anderson office is located at 9 Mustang Lane in Anderson, Missouri (just north of McDonald County High School). It is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The office is closed from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., however, a drop slot for payments is available.  

Payments made by mail must be received by the last day of the month, so please mail them early. Drop boxes are also available for after hour payments. As a safety precaution, please do not deposit cash in the drop boxes.

Billing Due Date

Your bill is due and payable upon receipt and is classified delinquent after the last day of the month.

Late Charges

When payment for an account is not received by the last day of the month, the account will be assessed a $15 late charge.

Delinquent Notices

If payment for an account is not received by the last day of the month, the next statement will show the amount delinquent (including the late charge), advising that payment was not received by the due date, and asking that payment, or arrangements on the delinquent amount, be made within 15 days.

Final Notice

Five days before the service is to be disconnected for non-payment, a second and final notice will be sent to accounts that are still delinquent (unless satisfactory arrangements have been made) advising that if payment is not received within the five days, the service will be disconnected.

Disconnection for Non-Payment

After the final date for payment has expired, and payment has not been received, satisfactory arrangements have not been made, or previous arrangements have not been kept, the service will be disconnected. The full amount of your billing, up to the closing reading, could be required before service will be restored. In addition, a reconnect charge and security deposit may be required. 

Security Deposits

A security deposit is required unless 1) an acceptable letter of payment history can be provided from your previous electric utility company, reflecting no more than five negative events in the past 12 months, or 2) a qualified guarantor signs on your behalf. Such guarantor must be a current New-Mac member of at least five years with an excellent payment history.

A security deposit will be the greater of 2 times the average billing at the location the service is being requested or $300. If an applicant has left New-Mac with an outstanding debt or been involved with a meter tampering incident, the security deposit will be the greater of 2 times the highest billing at the location the service is being requested or $450. For commercial accounts, a security deposit will be equal to 2 times the highest monthly charge for the requested location, or will be based on KVA size if the location does not have twelve months billing history or has had low or no usage.

A security deposit will be refunded after 12 consecutive months with no delinquent payments. However, the deposit will be reapplied if either of the following occurs: disconnection occurs due to nonpayment or any form of power diversion.

Returned Check Policy

When a check is returned by your bank for insufficient funds, the following procedures will be applied:

  • If payment is for the current billing the member will be given 10 days, or until the end of the month to make restitution.
  • If payment is for a delinquent bill, service will be disconnected without further notice.

A service charge will be placed on all returned checks in addition to any collection fees or penalties in effect. If the check is not made good within the allotted time, New-Mac will make a collection trip. At this time the amount collected will be:

  • The amount stated in the letter and
  • Any additional delinquent balance.

Payment must be made in cash or by money order. If the amount is not collected, the meter will be disconnected, and all monies must be paid before service will be restored. (See Disconnection for Unpaid Non-Payment)

Furthermore, when a member issues four or more insufficient checks within a twelve (12) month period to New-Mac, a letter will be mailed to the member advising them that their personal check will no longer be accepted as payment, and that a security deposit may be required.

Requesting an Additional Service

When requesting an additional service, you will need to contact the office and request the service be put into your name. We will need the location number and the reading (if the service is currently on). An additional service cannot be put into your name until all delinquent balances on your existing service or services, and any security deposits (if requested) are paid.

Requesting Your Service Disconnected

Until you request to have your service disconnected, you are responsible for the billing. When moving, please be sure to notify the office.

Do not rely on someone else to do this for you! You are responsible for the billing until the service is disconnected or transferred.

Final Bills

When a final bill is issued, the member has 30 days in which to make payment. If at that time the account is still outstanding, it will then be turned over to a collection agency.

Bank Drafts

With the help of a bank draft, there’s one more way New-Mac Electric Cooperative can help simplify your life.

If you would like to eliminate the need of writing and mailing a check each month, or making a trip to the New-Mac office to pay your bill, that can be accomplished by setting up your New-Mac account with a bank draft.

With a bank draft, each month you will still receive your bill from New-Mac, but when the last business day of the month rolls around, the cooperative will automatically withdraw the exact amount of your bill directly from your bank account.

For more information on the bank draft process, call the Billing Department at 417-451-1515 or 800-322-3849

How To Read My Bill