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If NO, download and complete the Landlord Acknowledgment Form. Once it is completed, email it to billing@newmac.com.

The undersigned (hereinafter called the "Applicant") hereby applies for membership in and agrees to purchase electric energy from New-Mac Electric Cooperative, Inc., (hereinafter called the "Cooperative"), upon the following terms and conditions: 

  • The Applicant will pay to the Cooperative the sum of $25.00, which, if this application is accepted by the Cooperative, will constitute the Applicant's membership fee. 
  •  The Applicant will, when electric becomes available, purchase from the Cooperative all electric energy used on the premises described below and will pay therefor monthly at rates to be determined from time to time in accordance with the by-laws of the Cooperative; provided, however, that the Cooperative may limit the amount of electric energy to be furnished for industrial uses. The Applicant will pay at least a minimum bill per month, regardless of the number of kilowatt hours consumed, in accordance with the Cooperative's schedule of rates hereafter in effect. 
  • The Applicant certifies that the predominant use of electricity is: (SELECT ONLY ONE ( 1))
Upload Missouri Department of Revenue Form 149
  • If energy purchased results in a sales tax liability due to use other than stated, the Applicant assumes responsibility for remitting such tax due directly to the Director, Missouri Department of Revenue.
  • The Applicant will cause his premises to be wired in accordance with wiring specifications approved by the Cooperative. 
  • The Applicant, by paying a membership fee and becoming a member, assumes no personal liability or responsibility for any debts or liabilities of the Cooperative, and it is expressly understood that under the law his private property is exempt from execution for any such debts or liabilities. 

The acceptance of this application by the Cooperative shall constitute an agreement between the Applicant and the Cooperative, and this contract for electric service shall continue in force once electric service is made available, and thereafter as long as any type electrical appliance, device or equipment is used at the above location. 

As a condition of membership in the Cooperative, the Applicant will grant easements without charge on and through his/her property to provide service extensions to the Applicant and adjoining Cooperative members, as well as to perform necessary maintenance and service upgrades.

The Applicant agrees to comply with and be bound by the provisions of the charter and bylaws of the Cooperative and such rules and regulations as may, from time to time, be adopted by the Cooperative.

Any misrepresentation provided by the applicant could result in disconnection of electric service

Will this only be a low-usage service such as a well, shop or barn?

Will propane/natural gas service be on the property?

If  "yes," give reason for propane/natural gas:

If other please list